The pride of Battle Creek has been a stronghold of our community for many years. The population of 1200+ is made up of families of settlers from many years ago and also off an influx of young couples and retired folks who hear about Battle Creek's great school system, clean, quiet small town living and a short ten mile drive to Norfolk.

The Battle Creek Park is a fun attraction with a swimming pool, new playground equipment for the young and a series of ball diamonds that are well maintained and kept busy during baseball and softball season. The park also has tennis courts and a new clubhouse in the process of construction. Evergreen Hill Golf Course, located three miles south of Battle Creek provides another form of activity. Each year Battle Fun Days are held, featuring a street dance and a great barbecue, as well as fun activities for the young of all ages.

St. Patrick's Catholic Church and St. John Lutheran Church provide weekly church services, as well as youth activities. St. John Lutheran Church also provides Daycare, preschool and grades 1-8 school.

We are excited for the continued growth of Battle Creek and welcome all newcomers.

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